In My Feelings Challenge

If you aren’t aware of the “in my feelings challenge”, you’re obviously living under a rock. This challenge has become global due to a dance created by the Instagram star, Shiggy.

The “in my feelings challenge” is inspired by a hit off Rapper, Drake’s latest album ‘Scorpion.’ The same day the album released (July 29th), Shiggy posted the dance on his social media account. His hashtag  was “#Dotheshiggy.” As the video went viral, hitting over four million views now, it receives the name “in my feelings challenge”. Now everyone wants to be apart of it! People do the signature moves that go with the dance and add their own spin to it.

Celebrities such as Will Smith, Ciara and Russell Wilson, Odell BeckhamLalaChristian Combs and many more have been apart of this challenge. Even dentist, sororities and news reporters have joined the movement.

The challenge has led to a lot of spotlight on Shiggy and has literally formed a dance that everyone is admiring. Drake even shows love to Shiggy as he does the dance on stage during a show.

Once the media gets a hold of a challenge or movement, the popularity and exposure increase tremendously.

We also have information posted on Genius regarding the identity of Kiki: “a credible source told Genius “Kiki” is actually model and social media personality K’yanna Barber (“KB”).

Previous Popular Challenges

A couple years ago, Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles” song created a lot of buzz for the mannequin challenge. They even had the Cleveland Cavaliers and Michelle Obama doing it in the Oval Office. It was reaching high schools, soccer teams, the X-Factor show and even in the birth room with Blac Chyna in labor with he baby girl, Dream.

The “running man” challenge became huge after two high school student started it. The dance was later getting popular after two University of Maryland basketball players did it. The challenge was created behind the 90’s hit “My boo” by Ghost Town Dj’s

There was the “whip and nae nae” as well. This comes from Silento’s song “whip/nae nae” that has a number of dance moves to it. Also, the “JuJu on that beat” challenge. The JuJu challenge comes from Zay Hilfiger and Zayion McCall’s hit song.

The expression of dancing is a huge part of the world. These challenges are like a feeling of bonding with our fellow internet friends. Can’t wait to see what’s next to come after the “in my feelings challenge”.