Discover New Music

I find that whenever I discover new music or artists that people aren’t aware of, I always get asked “How did you find this?”. I figured I would explain the process you can go through to continually find new music that you will love. Having songs that aren’t mainstream that you discovered on your own is such a nice a feeling because you feel a stronger connection with the artist.

Warning: Apple Music will be used in this article so sorry to any Spotify subscribers.

With the increasing capabilities of the internet and improving search algorithms, discovering new music is always right at your fingertips. The platforms you could use to discover new music are Apple Music (or Spotify lmao), SoundCloudand YouTube. I’ll be going over each of these platforms and how to find music tailored to your current taste. Bear in mind this process takes patience since most songs you listen to won’t be as fire as you’re hoping.

Discovering New Music on Apple Music

Apple Music does an outstanding job of leveraging the data of your music to suggest new songs for you. Every week, Apple Music creates three personalized playlists under the For You tab. These are the New Music Mix,  Favourites Mix, and Chill Mix. Out of these three, only New Music Mix (naturally) and Chill Mix are relevant.

So every week I recommend putting on these two playlists and taking your time to listen to the entire playlists. Typically I find that after listening to these playlists I’ll get one or two songs that I end up saving to my library.

Another source to find new music on Apple Music is the curated playlists by Apple themselves. Personally, I use a playlist called Breaking Hip-Hop which features songs that are on the rise. Every genre has playlists similar to these, and it’s on you to find playlists that have music you are consistently enjoying.

Finally, the last source to discover new music on Apple Music is to subscribe to a friend’s playlists who seems to have good music consistently. This way you let them do the work, and you reap the benefits of a diverse and unique playlist. In fact, check out my own playlists by clicking this link.

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Discovering New Music on Soundcloud

Soundcloud to Apple Music is a lot like Twitter to Instagram for memes. What I mean by this is, typically memes or funny posts will start on Twitter and then get reposted onto Instagram/Facebook and gain mainstream attention. In this same sense, songs will initially blow up on Soundcloud then eventually make their way to Apple Music to be received by the mainstream.

A recent example of this is Lucid Dreams by Juice Wrld. Lucid Dreams has been trending on SoundCloud for at least 2 months. Recently he has now been blowing up on Apple Music.

Anyways, this is all to say, checking the top charts on Soundcloud can help you find songs that haven’t been received by the mainstream audience yet. By finding songs you like and letting Soundcloud takeover the upcoming songs, they will auto-play songs you may like that are similar to what you are listening to. I have found many dope songs by just letting Soundcloud do its thing and find me similar songs.

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Discovering New Music on YouTube

The key to finding songs on YouTube is to seek channels like Trap Nation and other music channels which have a vibe you enjoy. You should then subscribe to them and listen to their playlists on shuffle. These channels are typically very well curated to a particular genre and will have a lot of music you haven’t heard. There is also YouTube auto-suggest that does a decent job of finding you new music. Although, I feel that it always prioritizes mainstream music. If you leave the auto-suggest on for too many songs, you’ll always find your way to Tekashi69’s Gummo somehow lmao.

YouTube also has many YouTubers who use unique music in the intro of their videos. They will typically post these songs in their description as well. In addition, some YouTubers create videos where they listen to snippets of music and react to them. An example of these is linked here. These videos are excellent sources of new music because these people have typically already done everything we outlined above.

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Using these various methods to find new music, you are sure to become the person in your friend group that everyone goes to in order to discover new music.