Toronto Rappers 2018

Rap is a major music genre in 2018 with many new artists appearing on the scene all the time, this is also true for Toronto rappers in 2018. While only some of these artists will actually stand the test of time, 2018 has a very hot rap scene and is pumping out amazing new artists every year. If you’re wondering who to put on your rap playlist to stay relevant this year, check out these top 20 Toronto rappers for 2018.

Also please take your time to listen to the embedded Soundcloud songs. I hand picked these songs for each artist to showcase their talents

Layla Hendryx

Hendryx’s laid-back vibe and self-assured collaborations make her a hot new rapper to keep your eyes on this year. She’s produced some top-notch music with JMak and her most notable piece is titled, “Rain or Snow.”


Unlike the more common rap sounds of Drake and others who hit the scene at the same time, Killy is one of the Toronto rappers producing music with a great flow that is drawing in the crowds.

Hard to Kill

Teddy Fantum and G Milla, the duo behind the Hard to Kill name produce some innovative new sounds, but also put out some of the slickest rap videos you’ll see.


With a unique sing-song sound and his own wordplay, Pressa creates sounds that have the Toronto rap scene buzzing. There are rumors he’s going to collaborate with Killy sometime in 2018 so watch for that.


Born in Pakistan but living in Brampton, Lais is one of the Toronto rappers that crosses genres and styles with an elegant mix of both singing and rapping into all of his songs. What’s interesting is that his initial claim to fame came from an uncommon source for most rappers: Reddit. He also self produces many of his own tracks.


Born and raised in Toronto, anders is a very talented artist who is meshing elements of both hip hop and RnB to create unique sounds and melodies. He is certainly a very promising up and comer, likely to be featured in his own artist highlight post in the coming weeks. I am certain he is going to have a bright and prosperous future ahead of him.


He’s only released two hits so far, but their popularity proves that Nue is among the Toronto rappers to watch. His sleek and well-crafted lyrics should be on any rap playlist.


With a sound much like Drake’s, Saudin is taking the Canadian rap scene by storm. Once an actor, he’s a crossover artist that definitely deserves a second look.

Derin Falana

With a strong focus on melody, Derin Falana is a master at harmonizing. His latest single, “Sunset Interlude,” is a mega hit and a good indicator of where he’s headed.

Tasha The Amazon

Using a lot of bass is what makes Tasha the Amazon stand out from other rappers in Toronto. Her passionate delivery on tracks like “My Level” and “Prayer,” prove just how much she has to offer.

Derick Wise

Here is one of Toronto’s most talented musical acts with his soulful voice and a lot bass. His latest album is both moody and entertaining, and you’ll be wishing for the next one as soon as you finish the first.

Clairmont The Second

He might be young, but this self-made artist is one to watch on Toronto’s hip-hop scene this year. He has a great rapping ability and directs his own music videos. You may recognize him from Drake’s “Weston Road Flows.”


Funny enough, he’s actually named after Shaquille O’Neal, and the two have also collaborated on music together before. He now drops his own music with amazing bars and flow delivery.


He got his start in a Toronto bar and now has quite a variety of hits on Soundcloud. After a stint as a gangster in Oklahoma City, BRICK now funnels his PTSD into rap music that has soul and hits home.

Ty Senoj

Bright sounds blended with a hip-hop influence is a great way to describe Senoj’s music. He isn’t afraid to take a stand for the modern man, as evidenced in his new album, called Metrosexual.


This artist was just two months old when his family moved to Toronto from Abu Dhabi. At age 13, he traded in his basketball for a pen and began to write lyrics. When his track, “Feel” hit Soundcloud, people sat up and noticed.

Jordan Solomon

Jordan Solomon is a Mississauga based singer/rapper who has been dropping consistently fire singles for the past few months. He recently released a project consisting of several singles he has released over the past year, be sure to check it out on Apple Music.


Both members of this duo have a claim in the Toronto rap scene although only one is actually from the city, but their collaboration takes things to a whole new level. Rumour has it that the two linked up at a party, but it must be working because they are set to release their third album in 2018.

John River

River is from the GTA (Mississauga) and released his first album at just 17 years old. He takes some inspiration from a close cousin who was stabbed to death in 2012. He’s relatable to many in the rap world, and his lyrics hit close to home.

Northside Benji

Here’s an artist with a smooth sound and lyrics you can understand. He’s one of the top Toronto rappers to keep an eye out for in 2018.

The Toronto rap scene is vibrant and fast moving with new artists making their mark all the time. Keep your ears open for the latest sensation.

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