Cheap Streetwear Brands

Streetwear has grown into a culture that people of all ages are involved in, but finding the best cheap streetwear brands is still difficult. The definition can be credited to the youth, but the apparel has become popular for all ages. With the inspiration it gives to people and streetwear’s popularity, prices can become a bit pricey and out of our range.

We are here to give you some affordable streetwear brands and websites to help your style and most importantly, your budget!

Updated as of June 7th, 2020 


The Stussy brand has been around since the 1980’s and one of many popular brands. It’s a brand for the OG’s of street fashion and cozy gear. Stussy provides a variety of gear from tees, bottoms, hoodies and jackets to socks, hats etc. The tops such as long sleeve, shorts sleeve and hoodies come in many designs and range from $30-$75. Their jackets and bottoms range a little higher, but still fashionably affordable, ranging from $48-$145. So if you want a look that gives “California Vibe” feels on a budget, Stussy is the brand for you. You can easily dress their pieces up or down, giving high-end street fashion or urban cultured look. Check out the site and their collections here.

10 Deep 

10 Deep is a streetwear brand originated in New York. The title of the brand came from a street/slang term “ten people in a show of force.” The brand comes with a variety of cheap, but quality t-shirts that represent individuality, hip-hop, punk, skate and street graffiti. Shirts/Tops range from $35-$88. Bottoms range from $76-$179. They also have consistent restocks and big sales. We know this article is about cheap streetwear brands but 10 Deep is definitely not cheap in quality! Check out 10 Deep here.

Dimepiece LA. 

This brand is specifically for the ladies. Dimepiece LA is a women’s friendly brand that stands for advancement and equality for all. They show their empowerment through bodysuits, crop tops, biker shorts, tees, and accessories. This is one of the very cheap streetwear brands where everything is under $100. So, ladies, this is a store for great quality and street fashion with dope accessories to compliment the outfit.


HLZ BLZ is the first big streetwear brand made for women in 2005. The LA-based brand represents plenty of girl power and has collaborated with other cheap streetwear brands like 40s and shorties. It’s a very bold brand that stands for everything female. It also stands for being affordable because it has prices for all apparel under $130.

40s and Shorties 

40s and Shorties went from being known for their famous humorous socks to being a big part of the street culture. The brand creates many designs that are appealing, humorous and a representation of the originality the brand has. They have a variety of cool and funky socks, bold messages on t-shirts, dope fanny packs and bottoms. Even with its popularity, this cheap streetwear brand makes balling on a budget easy, ranging from $28-$100.

The Hundreds 

This California based brand, The Hundreds is strictly made for the street culture. It appreciates every aspect of streetwear from popular trends to a lot of originality. It shows a representation of punk, hip-hop/pop culture, skateboarding, and surfing. They have apparel from t-shirts, knitwear, jackets, hoodies, and bottoms.  There is a wide range of prices on The Hundreds ranging from $32 -$138 and also have huge sales occasionally.


Thrasher is super popular for its street and skateboard apparel. The skateboard magazine brand is known for their flaming fire signature logo printed on tees. You’ll find their apparel being under $80.

Urban Outfitters

UO gives a huge variety of different brands. You can find streetwear inspiration from Fila, Champion, Vintage, Nike, and Stussy on the site. You’ll also find graphic tees and urban outfitter’s exclusive brands on the site. They also have a student discount for college kids and a bi-weekly payment plan to make your buy affordable and cheap as possible.


If you’re looking for a wide range of streetwear, ASOS can be your place! The company gives a huge range of 10 deep, Stussy, Champion, Pull & Bear, Fila and more. What’s even better is they have items that may not have even been released on your side of the world yet. It’s affordable, they have student discounts and my favorite…. super quick shipping!

It can be tough trying to keep up with trends, or even keeping up with your love for fashion. Streetwear evolves continuously and these are ways to keep a cheap and easy budget! So stay fly and be trendy in the most affordable fashionable way you can. Besides, it’s not that clothes that make you, it’s yourself who sets the fashion statement.

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