Streetwear in Toronto

Streetwear in Toronto has enjoyed a rise in popularity in the past few decades thanks to the thriving hip-hop and rap scene, and it might be considered that it exploded more recently thanks to the rise and success of many local hip-hop artists such as Drake and the OVO crew. Toronto streetwear represents the social scene and the pride of Canadian youth in the country’s most vibrant and happening city. This list highlights the best streetwear brands in Toronto:

1.  OVO

Officially known as October’s Very Own, complete with its distinctive owl logo, OVO’s growth has mirrored Drake’s success. Born from the mind of Drake and his tour manager, OVO might be considered to be the heart and soul of streetwear in Toronto. Overall, the clothes are relaxed, comfortable, and made from quality fabrics.

Prices range from $32 for T-shirts to $158 for hooded sweatshirts

2.  Get Fresh Company

When they began in 2013, Get Fresh Company bought and sold brands they liked but went on to develop their own lines of streetwear. Brandishing their eye-catching geometric logo, GFC clothes range from the day to day essentials of the Barebones Collection to the statement-making, louder and bolder designs of the GFC Collections. For the most part, Get Fresh is a fantastic brand.

Prices range from $42 for T-shirts to $380 for outerwear

3.  Peace Collective

Founded in 2014, this Toronto streetwear brand has a strong sense of style, national pride, and a social conscience. With an ethos of enabling celebration and expression of authenticity in individuals, Peace Collective offers a range of items for major league sports fans as well as streetwear. In addition, a percentage of all sales goes towards providing meals for Canadian children in need.

Prices range from $32 for tank tees to $180 for bomber jackets

4.  The Legends League

Among some of the most unique fashion items seen on the streets of Toronto, The Legends League is a collective of arty types including designers, photographers, and artists. Their clothing reflects this diversity and creativity, sometimes mimicking big streetwear brands like Fila and Champion with a satirical touch.

Prices range from $40 for T-shirts to $275 for a coach jacket

5.  Untitled & Co.

Untitled is Toronto streetwear for the man who is happy in gender neutral clothes. Among the trendsetter of Toronto fashion, it is also a brand with a conscience. They use local, fair trade, and sustainable products to create a range of T-shirts, hoodies, and bomber jackets with a contemporary flair.

Prices range from $38 for T-shirts to $178 for bomber jackets

6.  Raised by Wolves

Based in Montreal but sold by Adrift and Capsule, Raised by Wolves has found a happy home among the streetwear savvy youth of Toronto. As well as a collaboration with Timberland, RBW has an extensive range of streetwear apparel from head to toe inspired by the ruggedness of Canada. Although streetwear in Toronto may seem similar at times, RBW adds a new flavour when it is much needed!

Prices range from $60 for T-shirts to $300 for bomber jackets

7.  Life and Wisdom

Equally important, a small brand with a small range but big enough to be impactful on the Toronto streetwear scene. Life and Wisdom is known for its variety of tees, hoodies, and sweatshirts featuring logo flips and subliminal messages.

Prices range from $29.99 or T-shirts to $59.99 for hoodies

8.  6ixside

An up and coming brand set for a relaunch in July 2018, 6ixside started selling its t-shirts, crewnecks, hoodies, and snapbacks in pop-up stores before gaining enough attention to be stocked by major players in Toronto streetwear retailers like AtEaze.

Prices for the new collection as yet unknown 

9.  Forever Umbrella

Drake isn’t the only rapper to hit it big on the Toronto streetwear landscape. Enter Tory Lanez and his Forever Umbrella brand. So he may not be a global hit like Drake, but his clothing range has swag but is also very affordable. Streetwear in Toronto is definitely a competitive scene.

Prices range from $15 for T-shirts to $50 for coaches jackets

10.  North Standard Trading Post

If you prefer a softer edge to your street look rather than a full-on Yeezy statement, North Standard Trading post own brand collections have an everyday feel. Muted and washed out colours in their staple range are joined by special collections such as the Pride Collection and the Sunnyside Collection.

Prices range from $42 for T-shirts and tanks to $98 for zip-up hoodies

11.  Dime

If you believe streetwear and skater wear go hand in hand, get on board with Dime. This Montreal based brand has its roots firmly in skateboarding circles, and it’s usually easier to find its tees, sweats, and cargo pants in stores like Adrift rather than on its website. Dime’s summer collection for 2018 is set to drop on June 16th.

Prices for the new collection as yet unknown

12.  The Original 6

A homegrown brand whose name is inspired by the original six areas of Toronto, this clothing company is all about the pride in calling the city home. Using only a monochrome palette of black, white and grey, every T-shirt is emblazoned with a proud to be a Torontonian message. Streetwear in Toronto always benefits from these homegrown brands.

Prices range from $30 for T-shirts to $60 for hoodies

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